S5300-48T6X Switch Introduction

June 5, 2023 0 By sylvia

Brief Overview of the S5300-48T6X Network Switch

The S5300-48T6X is an L3 network switch with a high port density of 48x GE RJ45 downlinks and 6x 10GE SFP+ uplinks, providing a wide range of connectivity options for seamless network integration. It supports complete Layer 3 functionality, including IPv6 protocol, LACP, VRP, ISSU, and more, providing enterprises with a more stable and reliable network architecture. The S5300-48T6X network is widely used for metro and enterprise network requirements and campus networks and is the best choice for SMBs.

S5300-48T6X Network Switch Physical characteristics 

The S5300-48T6X network switch, manufactured by QSFPTEK, is a robust and high-performance network switch designed to meet the demands of modern networking environments. This switch boasts an impressive port configuration, including 48 1G RJ45 ports and 6 10G SFP ports, allowing for flexible connectivity options. With a switching capacity of 216Gbps, the S5300-48T6X network switch ensures fast and efficient data transfer within the network. The switch has a dual power supply supporting AC 220V, enhancing reliability and ensuring uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, the S5300-48T6X features two fans for efficient cooling and power consumption of approximately 75W, making it an energy-efficient choice for network deployments.

S5300-48T6X Networking Features


The S5300-48T6X network switch provides exceptional reliability and performance. Supporting Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), the switch enables the aggregation of multiple physical links, increasing bandwidth and enhancing network redundancy. Furthermore, the switch incorporates Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), which allows fast detection of link failures, ensuring quick network convergence and minimizing downtime. With Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) support, the switch efficiently manages network loops, preventing data packet loss and maintaining network stability. Additionally, the S5300-48T6X integrates Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), and In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) capabilities, providing seamless failover, improved network resilience, and uninterrupted service delivery.

Enhanced QoS

The S5300-48T6X network switch offers enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, allowing for efficient traffic management and prioritization. With support for Committed Access Rate (CAR) traffic restriction and 802.1P/DSCP priority re-marking, the switch enables administrators to control and allocate bandwidth based on specific application or service requirements. Additionally, the switch supports various queue scheduling methods such as Strict Priority (SP), Weighted Round Robin (WRR), and a combination of both (SP+WRR), enabling fine-grained control over packet prioritization. Moreover, the S5300-48T6X incorporates congestion avoidance mechanisms like Tail-Drop and Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED), ensuring optimal network performance by preventing packet loss and mitigating congestion issues.

Easy Management 

The S5300-48T6X network switch offers easy and convenient management options, ensuring the efficient administration of network operations. With support for Command Line Interface (CLI), Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), administrators can choose their preferred method for accessing and configuring the switch. CLI provides a text-based interface for precise configuration and monitoring, while Telnet and SSH enable remote management capabilities. Additionally, including SSL ensures secure communication between the switch and management devices, protecting sensitive information. Moreover, the switch supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for centralized network monitoring and management. The S5300-48T6X also features a web-based management interface, allowing administrators to access and configure the switch using a user-friendly graphical interface. With these management options, the S5300-48T6X simplifies network administration and provides flexibility for efficient management.

S5300-48T6X Network Switch Use Cases

The S5300-48T6X network switch is perfect for medium to large enterprise networks, data centers, and campus networks. With its versatile port configuration of 48 1G RJ45 ports and 6 10G SFP ports, the switch provides ample connectivity options for connecting various devices such as computers, servers, and network devices. Its high switching capacity of 216 Gbps ensures efficient data transfer and seamless network communication, meeting enterprise environments’ performance requirements.

 In data center deployments, the S5300-48T6X provides high-speed connectivity, robust switching capacity, and advanced QoS features to support data-intensive applications. In campus network deployments, it ensures seamless connectivity to various devices and provides reliability features such as MSTP and VRRP. Overall, the S5300-48T6X is a reliable, feature-rich, and easy-to-manage switch that can meet different network requirements in different environments. If you need a higher configuration of switches, then a data center switch may be a suitable network solution for you. They are better performers and have a more robust feature set.


In summary,  the S5300-48T6X is a highly efficient and cost-effective L3 Switch, designed for highly required computing environments, its advanced features, such as LACP and QoS, make it the ideal choice for enterprise network requirements, campus networks, and SMB environments.